Who We Are

Service Line Recorder ® was founded by  Louis Vanover in 2017 in Brussels. A staff is based out of a modern Midtown office, working to provide you with the best calling experience. Our team of experts is constantly negotiating with providers worldwide to provide you with the best prices.


What We Do

Now you can easily record your calls with a service representative!

We allow to our users to record their calls with service representives through our virtual numbers.
With us, there are never any connection fees or erroneous charges. What you see is what you get.

Thousands of people around the world rely on our technology. Our virtual numbers allow you to make outgoing calls and receive the recorded files easily — they’re great for privacy. For the best experience, add our numbers to your contacts.


Service Line Recorder

Square de Meeûs 37, 1000 Ixelles
Brussels, Belgium

Tel: +32466900243

Fax +32466900244